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A Call to Southern People!

Message from the Chairman

The Southern Party Executive Committee would like to thank everyone who attended our first annual National Southern Party National Convention in Charleston, South Carolina.  It was a marvelous weekend with great attendance, excellent vendors, vibrant speakers and a good time was had by all.  We had absolutely great  media coverage.  All the delegates that were there took part in the making of history. They were not only participating in the structuring and building of the party but also the furthering of the Southern  movement.  This was a weekend that will go down in history and I was honored to be a part of it.  Now, letís look at what we have done and what happened in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Friday was a glorious day.  We got up early and proceeded to the Convention Center to set up the facilities.  Activities were not scheduled to start until around noon but to our surprise and delight the Convention Center was full of excited people who just could not wait until noon to get started.  So, we had a lot of help setting up the room and getting everything ready for the business that would be conducted later in the day. Around 10:00 AM, most of remembered in our excitement to get there early we had not eaten so about 20 or 25 of us went out to breakfast together.  We had a really good time, got to meet new people and renew old acquaintances.  Then we went back and got ready to go to work. We discussed how to move the party forward.  We looked at how we needed to start moving towards ballot access  and start running candidates in our states. We found out what other states needed. We discussed the business that needed to be taken care of how to proceed with the business at hand. That was a very profitable meeting and we adjourned to get ready for the Saturday meeting which would prove to be the big show. 

First of all, let me say that we had a good crowd which numbered over 130 including people that joined at the door. We had great people and had good conversations and good stories throughout the Convention.  We started out with our speakers who were just great.  We had Ron Holland, Donnie Kennedy, Jim Condit, John Remington Graham and then we had a surprise speaker that, in my opinion, ended up being one of the best speakers, Robert Harrison.  Mr. Harrison is a historical librarian for the University of South Carolina and he is a member of the 37th Texas Calvary.  This gentlemanís speech was directly from his heart and he had the audience standing, clapping and crying.  We all understood what he said was what we all think and believe and what we all would like to say.   One of the things that we heard from the people is that the Southern Party is standing up and saying with tenacity what they have been wanting to say all these years.  We support the Southern Party and will be with the Southern Party. We signed up new members at the Convention and several of the vendors that were there told us they are joining right away.  

When we gathered in Charleston our website was at 89,000.  When we arrived back on Sunday night we were already getting calls for interviews and we did a number of interviews.  The rest of the week we were doing one or two a day.  The interviews were all good and we did interviews all over the country,  Oregon, California, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

 Now, as you all know some of the major news media were CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, AP, C-Span, MSNBC and local newspapers.  We had a good time interviewing with these folks and we received a lot of air time in South Carolina and across the nation.  Saturday night of the convention CNN ran us for six straight hours.  We had a minute every fifteen minutes for sixteen straight hours which isnít bad.  Then we find out that we had been aired on CBS radio and their affiliates.  We were picked up all over the country on the AP article and we know that Sunday afternoon the AP article broke in Texas.  We made front page in Wall St Journal, Washington Times, the New York Times to name a few.  We got some real good exposure.  Sean Scully wrote a good article and we found out later that his editor changed some of it without his knowledge which means the media is editing us. Letís draw out attention to C-Span.  As we all know C-Span has given us some excellent coverage in the past.  C-Span came in to cover only a portion of our convention.  The following Friday, after the Convention, C-Span plays that portion, a 45 minute cut of the convention.  That morning our website was at 91,322 and within 12 hours of that airing we received 5,000 website hits, well over 600 phone calls and constant e-mail hits.  We have since put four people, including myself, answering all the e-mail and telephone calls.  We believed we finally had a handle on it until today when we received an envelope from Houston which contains several hundred written letters sent to the PO Box in Texas. This is now 26 days after the convention and this is where we stand; our e-mail are up  again to 350 at the National office, the telephone call are now about one hundred per day.  Our website has jumped from 91,322 to 113,000.  We have been called from various people all over the country, from almost every state in the union. We have college students calling, we have high school students calling, teachers, doctors, military personnel, people who have never voted before in their life. The letters and calls are all positive.  We must realize that we do have our detractors and our enemies but folks, let me say that no matter what people think about what is going on in the party the Southern party is what the people want.  The Southern Party is moving forward as the people so desire.  Folks, we are becoming a political power.  We are becoming a political entity in ourselves and we must continue to do so. 

Let me read an excerpt from a letter.  Mr. Baxley, my name is XXXXXX and I am 22 years old and I am from Spartanburg, South Carolina.  I really am concerned about where this nation is going and I am thinking about joining your party especially after I found out that Mr. Bush spoke  at the NAACP National Convention.  That just goes to show that Mr. Bush is as bad as Al Gore.  I cannot believe how people can support that racist, bigoted organization.  I am sick and tired of our heritage being torn down because certain people like the NAACP find it racist.  I agree that it is time to stand up and fight for what we believe in.  It will never happen unless we unit as peoples, white, black, and all minorities.  The South will never die.  I am not the only 22 year old to feel this way.  I feel that our cause will get stronger and stronger.  God bless you, Mr. Baxley.  This is indicative of what the Southern people feel.  This is indicative of what the people expect from the Southern Party.  This is, in fact, what the Southern Party is trying to do, which is move the party forward, win our states back and then change what our legislators are doing to us.

I call upon all Southern people, all Southern Party members, I call upon all of you, the states, rank and file members and everyone to lay aside whatever you have that would block your way from working with us and joining the party.  I call upon all heritage organizations to please lay aside whatever it is that you have a problem with or donít agree with in the running of the party and join us, work with us, make suggestions and letís band together and ride the wave of opportunity, that the good Lord has given us, forward to Southern Independence through the ballot box.

Jerry Baxley

Chairman Southern Party  


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