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News from the Southern Party of Virginia

August 5, 2000

Next scheduled business meeting to be held on August 26, 2000 in Roanoke, Virginia at the Holiday Inn Airport:

6626 Thirlane Road
Roanoke, Virginia 24019

Directions: From Interstate 81 Take exit 143 (Rt. 581) from 581 get off at exit 2 S and take the first right. Holiday Inn will be at top of hill.

From Rt. 460 get on 581 north and get off at exit 2 S and take the first right. Holiday Inn will be at top of hill.

Meeting starts promptly at 12:00 noon and will conclude at 6:00PM.

The Southern Party of Virginia has gotten 30 new members since April and we hope to have 100% attendance. Please plan to be there, have your vote counted in the business decisions and meet all the new members. We will be voting on the ratification of the Constitution. We will have reports from Tim Kenney, Bill Osby, Chad Allen and David Gill. We plan to have two quest speakers, to be announced soon. The speakers and the agenda will be posted on the website in the next few days.

We have also been very fortunate in having Deane Moore accept the position of webmaster for the Southern Party if Virginia and he has done a marvelous job. Have you looked at your website lately? Please do so and let Deane know what you think.

Report from Chad Allen:

In May 2000, the fan out program was started. The function of this program is to provide smooth communication with the members of the Southern Party of Virginia throughout Virginia. I am pleased to announce that this program is in full swing. Virginia was split up into 9 districts each with 11 counties per district in them.

The responsibility of the district chairman is to set up their 11 counties to ensure that there are county chairman in each county. They are also responsible for keeping an updated list of the members in their area. Each chairman is supposed to send out welcoming letters to the new members in their district advising them what district they are in and who they are. The county chairman is supposed to keep an updated list of their county and make certain they communicate well with their members in that district. Both the district chairman and the county chairman are responsible for having membership drives and possibly district and county meeting in their area. Each are also responsible for setting up a campaign team for running candidates.

Whenever the State chair needs to have information immediately then the State Chair will contact the district chair with the info to distributed through their district. Then the district chair will contact the county chairs once set up with the information. The county chair in turn will contact the members on their list. Once the county chair gets the necessary info. from the members in his/her county the county chair will again contact the District chair, then the district chair will again contact the State Chair with the updated information. This program will greatly benefit the Southern Party of Virginia and we hope that this will be a major contributor to the infrastructure of the Southern Party.

These are your district chairman:

District 1- Chad Allen

District 2- David Gill

District 3- David Whitt

District 4- Aubrey Ridgeway
No E-mail, Phone Number- 804-793-0752

District 5- Ray Sisson, Jr.

District 6- Gregory Jackson

District 7- Linda Gillispie

District 8- Bill Osby

District 9- Francisco Soutuyo

These are the geographical locations of each district:

District 1- Shenandoah Valley
District 2- Roanoke
District 3- Southwest
District 4- Danville
District 5- Charlottesville
District 6- Southeast Tidewater
District 7- Richmond
District 8- Peninsula
District 9- Northern Virginia

Please go to the Southern Party of Virginia website for the map of Virginia with all the districts laid out.

If you would like to be a county chairman or help out in any way please contact your district chairman. They would be glad to have your help in any capacity.

For Virginia,

Chad Allen
Southern Party of Virginia
Membership Director
District 1 Chairman

Message from the Chairman:

We have just about finished our organizational structure for our state. We have good people in place, who are working hard to move our state forward. We are in the process of finalizing ballot access. Your state executive committee has worked diligently to build your state organization as you have asked.

Our next goal is to reach ballot access to be able to run a candidate for the House of Delegates. I would like to, at this time, thank the executive committee for being the driving force in Virginia while I have attended to national matters. I would like to give a special thanks to Deane Moore for taking over the thankless job of rejuvenating our website. All Virginians should be proud of what Deane has given us as our base of communication. I also would like to thank Tim Kenney for taking over the reins as the Vice Chairman, Bill Osby for getting us closer to our goal of ballot access and Chad Allen for his outstanding work on a much needed fan out program for Virginia. Last but not least, as both the elected State Chairman of Virginia and the elected Chairman of the Southern party, I would like to thank David Gill for his leadership in building the Southern Party Collegiate Committee in Virginia and also for his leadership on the national level. We have a lot of work ahead but with God's blessing we will get it accomplished. Thank each of you for all your hard work, dedication and continued support.

For Liberty,

Jerry Baxley
Chairman Southern Party of Virginia


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